Each day, millions of individuals spend their money on lottery tickets in the hopes of becoming millionaires; a seventy-year-old woman won two consecutive six-figure lottery jackpots. Do you find that hard to believe? Sometimes luck is what makes you lucky. Yes, it’s true, isn’t it?

Do read the article to know the entire story of that seventy year old Delaware lottery winner lady.

I won the lottery!

The 70-year-old Delaware lady initially won the prize of $100000 from a ticket to the Ultimate Cash Instant Game of Delaware lottery. She bought the ticket from a speedy gas store. This was an Ultimate Cash Instant Game lottery ticket which is very popular in Delaware.

Next week she went to the Delaware lottery headquarters with her friend to claim the prize money. 

When she was coming back home, on the way, she thought to celebrate this winning by buying another lottery ticket. She bought three lottery tickets Serious Money ticket.

Here another surprise was waiting for her. She again owns another jackpot with the prize money of $300000. The next day they were bound to return to the headquarters to claim the new prize.

How did the lucky lady react after knowing she had won?

The fortunate lady initially could not believe it when she found that she owned $300000 next day after winning the prize of $100000

The lady wishes to keep her name to be hidden (anonymous) . She explained this winning as “absolute insanity.” After winning $100000, she shared the news with her friend, who came with her to collect the headquarter to claim the prize.

The lady said that she is buying Delaware lotteries since last seven years and this was the first time she own such a huge prize value. She also added that she will include this prize money into her retirement plan.

When the lady asked if she wants to share anything else about her this winning, she said “… just that I love scratching instant game tickets…”

How did the lottery officials react?

The lottery officials said that the chance of winning $100000 is about one in every 120000 in instance game competition.

The chance of winning the $300000 in Serious Money game is about one in every 150000. So, she is actually extremely lucky.

Buying a lottery ticket in Delaware is considered to be quite profitable as here the state income tax do not apply to prize money.

Can you buy Delaware Lottery tickets online?

No. Buying a Delaware Lottery ticket online is not possible. But there are many website available in internet who are promising that they can buy online US lottery tickets for you. That is wrong. Delaware Lottery is a US government approved state lottery. Tickets are available in approved stores only.

Does Delaware allow lottery winners to remain anonymous?

Yes. until the winner give them the permission to publish the identity of the winner, the winner can stay anonymous. The lottery officials may only say the name of the place and the name of the store where the the ticket was bought.