While many people fast for religious reasons, others do it for health reasons. If you’re fasting for health reasons, you may wonder if you can still drink sparkling water like La Croix. The good news is that YES you can! Sparkling water like La Croix is calories-, carbohydrate-, protein-, and fat-free so that it won’t break your fast.

So, if you want to stay hydrated during your fast, reach for a can of sparkling water. Just be sure to check the ingredient list to ensure no added sugars or other ingredients could break your fast.

Now the question is: why can you drink La Croix while fasting?

To understand the logic behind this, you need to understand what La Croix is and how it affects our health.

The composition of La Croix and its effect on fasting

La Croix is a type of carbonated water or sparkling water. It does not have any carbohydrates, proteins, or fats. So, it is a zero-calorie drink.

It usually contains carbonated water mixed with natural flavours, colours, etc. There is no carbohydrate, sugar, protein, or fat. So, that is a zero-calorie food.

Any food that does not have any food substances can be taken during the fast because that can’t break your fast.

The natural flavours and colours will not break your fast.

This is another form of water; as we all know, water cannot break your fasting.

Because of these safe ingredients, La Croix could be considered safe for any fast.

Is sparkling water okay for fasting?

The answer to your question, “Is sparkling water okay for fasting?” is yes. Sparkling water is okay during your fast if it does not have any other particular substances.

Sparkling waters are carbonated waters. Consuming carbonated water is considered safe when you are fasting. But the water should have no calories. That means it should be free of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

As previously stated, the well-known sparkling water La Croix is suitable for fasting.

My experience with La Croix sparkling water during my intermittent fasting

I am a big fan of La Croix sparkling water. On the other hand, I recently decided to keep intermittent fasting to lose weight.

I used to have some sips of La Croix sparkling water even during my fasting cycle during my 16/8 intermittent fasting journey. But there was no adverse effect on my fasting at all.

After one month of intermittent 16/8 fasting, I lost approximately 7 kg of body weight.

So, there is no issue if you have La Croix sparkling water during your intermittent fasting.

Does La Croix spike insulin?

As I had some experience with La Croix sparkling water during my fast, I found no spike in insulin after having this drink.

Sudden increases in insulin levels are not considered to be good at all. Your insulin level may spike when you consume a large amount of sugar or glucose. However, because La Croix contains no sugar or carbohydrates, there is no change in insulin levels after drinking it.


What is La Croix made of?

La Croix is a type of sparkling water or carbonated water. It is a mixture of water and nature-based flavours. So, it is considered to be safe.