I’m responding to your question about whether Can you get a cavity from not brushing your teeth for 3 days with my own experience. Initially, I went to the dentist and inquired about the state of my teeth. She stated that there is no cavity. Then I went three days without brushing my teeth and discovered the answer to your question.

I asked my dentist several questions about brushing and cavity formation. I’m writing about whatever my dentist told me.

Can you get a cavity from not brushing your teeth for 3 days or more?

This question is difficult to answer without first examining your current dental health. Different people have various types of teeth. However, if we try to answer the question broadly, the answer is NO, you will not get a new cavity if you do not brush for three days in a row.

There was no new plaque formation as a result of my experiment on myself. My teeth had become filthy, and I was suffering from bad breath.

In the case of healthy teeth, the answer will be correct. Teeth that have already been damaged may produce a different result.

When are these three unbrushing days likely to cause tooth damage?

If a cavity is forming, it may grow even larger during these non-brushing days. If you neglect your tooth care at that time, the consequences could be disastrous.

Even if they do not brush their teeth on a regular basis, some people do not develop cavities. Some people, on the other hand, are more prone to tooth decay.

What happens if you don’t brush for a long time?

According to dental science, not brushing for an extended period of time is not a good practice.

If you do not brush your teeth for an extended period of time, the following events will occur.

1. Even if you don’t brush for one day, some biofilm will form on your teeth at first.

2. You will then have very bad breathing. The plaque will accumulate on your teeth. You suspect that your teeth are filthy.

3. Tartar formation will begin after a few days of plaque formation. Tartar is a stone-like hard material that begins to accumulate at the gum and tooth margins.

4. After a week of not brushing your teeth, your teeth begin to decay. The cavity formation process begins.

5. Your enamel begins to deteriorate at first, then gradually touches the root canal of your teeth, causing pain. Only you rush to see your dentist.


If you intend to give your toothbrush a three-day rest, please visit your dentist and inform him of your plans, as well as inquire about the current state of your teeth.

Always follow the advice of your dentist. If he allows you to go three days without brushing your teeth, you are free to do so.