Oral health is as important as physical health. Bad oral health may hamper your mental and physical wellness. I am pretty sure that you always take care of your teeth. But what about your partner? Is there any prominent way to find the dental health of your partner? Let’s look into your question you asked can you taste cavities when you kiss?

Can you taste cavities when you kiss?

The answer to your question is YES; You can, but not much easier. Multiple ways help you to understand the cavities when you are kissing your partner. Let’s understand how you will do so.

Smell the breath to taste cavities:

Bad oral health is a sign of a cavity. I am sure that you won’t like to kiss an odourful mouth. So, try to smell your partner’s mouth before kissing when planning a lip lock. It is impossible to smell someone’s mouth directly, so it must be tricky.

Try to come closer during this conversation when you are talking to each other. You guys may come closer to hold hands with each other, and at that time, you may smell your partner’s breath.

Bad breath does not guarantee a dental cavity. But it confirms terrible oral health, which is a sign of dental caries.

Observe the teeth before kissing

A proper observation may tell you about the oral health of your partner. When your partner is smiling, watch the colour of his teeth properly.

If there are brown or black spots, that proves bad oral health. He may have some cavities in his teeth.

Taste the blood if there is a bleeding gum:

Bleeding gum also is a sign of bad oral health. If you find the two points as mentioned earlier are fine, you can go for the smooch if you want. But, during kissing, if you find the taste of blood in his mouth, you could be pretty sure that there is something wrong in his mouth. In most cases, this is a sign of gum infection.

Normally people with gum infections experience bad oral health and also suffer from tooth decay. So, you can be pretty sure about your partner’s dental cavity.

What do you do If you find a sign of a dental cavity in your partner’s mouth

  1. If you find a sign of bad oral health in your partner, you should not go for the smooch; you can kiss chicks.
  2. If there are harmful germs in your partner’s mouth, those may contaminate you. You should be careful.
  3. Talk to your partner frankly about dental or oral hygiene. You can encourage him to consult a dentist for a dental check-up.

What happens if you kiss someone with a cavity

Cavity is the result of poor oral hygiene. Studies have proved that cavities could be transmitted from one person to another. Kissing can transfer the cavity from one person to another. Not, only that if you kiss some one with poor oral hygiene , you may get the contaminating microorganisms from that person.

Can my boyfriend give me cavities?

Yes. Your boyfriend can transfer his cavities. But, it is only possible if you guys do the smooching or deep kiss.