A 57-year-old lady from Muskegon County won $300000 by playing the Michigan Lottery’s Mystery Key Cash word instant game. The lady initially thought that she would be faint off when she found that she was the winner of such a big amount of prize.

When she was coming back from her work, on the way she bought the instant scratch ticket, and after reaching home, she scratched.

As we know, instant scratch games are designed so that you can immediately get the result of the game. You can immediately see the result.

There is a winning number. There will be some other numbers hidden. After scratching, if it found that all the given numbers match with the winning numbers, you won the top prizes. Other rules are different for different games.

She bought the ticket from the Wesco gas station located at the Whitehall.

The lucky lady said that when she found that all the numbers matched the winning numbers, she thought she might be making a mistake or hallucinating.

Then to verify, she went to the gas station immediately. The store owner said that yes, she had won the prize.

The next day morning, she called the lottery headquarters office and asked them to claim the prize. The officials said that she won the top prize of $300000 she thought she might be faint.

Since its release in July, the game Mystery Key Cashword has awarded players over $10 million. For only $5, participants can enter for a shot at winning anything from $5,000 to $300,000. Two grand prizes of $300,000 each and 108 smaller prizes of $1,000 each are among the remaining prizes worth more than $28 million.

The instant-win games sold by the state lottery can be purchased at any of the 10,500 outlets located throughout the state.

Over $1.8 billion was won by Lottery players in 2021 thanks to instant win games.