Packaged in a sleek, glossy can, and boasting intense flavors like green apple and strawberry, the caffeinated drink is just the thing for someone looking for a pick-me-up. However, those who consume it often report some uncomfortable side effects known as ‘C4 energy drink itch’. YES, C4 energy drinks make some people ‘itch’ or ‘tingling’.

Although this is not a serious reaction, it can be uncomfortable to experience. Read on to learn more about what might cause this reaction, and how you can prevent it in the future!

Does drinking c4 make you itchy?

YES, some people objected that c4 energy drink and c4 pre-workout cause skin itching or skin tingling.

Some people feel it just after 1 hour of having c4, whereas some people feel it after more time than that.

Here I am quoting the objection from one user.

“…only issue I’m having with it is that shortly after I take it and for about 1-2 hours afterwards my skin gets very tingly and kind of itchy, not sure exactly what is causing these effects…”

All the ingredients of the c4 energy drink are quite safe and well-researched. then why do these issues happen with the users? Let’s have a complete discussion.

What’s in c4 energy drink that makes you itchy | What’s in c4 pre-workout that makes you itch?

We now know that c4 causes itching, but which component of c4 causes itching? C4 contains beta-alanine, which itches your skin. Carnosyn® beta-alanine, the sole patented beta-alanine, is the kind of beta alanine found in c4.

A non-essential amino acid called beta-alanine has been found to enhance sports performance by enhancing muscular endurance. To increase the effectiveness of their products, many makers of sports supplements incorporate beta-alanine in their products.

Both the c4 pre-workout and the c4 energy drink contain the same carnosyn Beta Alanine. Because of this, products from both groups have the same complaint.

Mechanism of beta alanine mediated itching:

According to a study published in the journal of neuroscience, some skin receptor protein makes an interaction with the beta alanine, and that is the mechanism of itching by beta alanine consumption.

Is beta-alanine safe? May this itching from c4 cause some serious health issues?

An experiment was done on 100 people to understand the safety of Carnosyn beta-alanine and it was found to be completely safe. The manufacturer of c4 says that although the itching stays in some people, but, there is no serious health issues observed from this itching.

Cellucore says that the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is self-reported. It must be agreed upon by a majority of knowledgeable professionals that an ingredient is safe for usage as intended based on the facts currently available.

How long does c4 make you itch?

According to the product’s customer, the itching begins 15-20 minutes after having c4. Most of the time, the tingling or itching lasts for around 1-3 hours. It might occasionally stay longer than that.

However, as long as your body becomes accustomed, drinking C4 energy drink or C4 pre-workout won’t make you itch more.

The users claim that it takes between six and ten months to become entirely accustomed to using C4.

How do you stop itching from c4 | How do you get rid of c4 itching?

The manufacturer says that there is nothing to be worried. After some times itching will go away automatically. They recommend that smaller, more frequent sips taken at a slower pace throughout the day have been reported to alleviate the tingling feeling.

Some users are saying that as long as your body get habituated with c4 , you gradually do not get any itching. Doctors usually recommend anti-histamine for most of the type of skin itching. But, we suggest you to talk to your doctor for any medication advice

Is there any Allergic reaction to c4

Allergic reactions could be in numerous forms, including anaphylactic shock or watery nose -eyes, or skin itching, skin redness etc.

However, in the case of C4, only brief and mild skin-related itching is seen. As an allergic reaction, anaphylactic shock is not seen.

Although there are very few instances in which caffeine can cause anaphylactic shock, no similar evidence has been identified for C4. However, it is advised to consume caffeine-containing beverages in moderation.

Can c4 give you a rash?

No. c4 does not give any rash. There is no such record found about the c4 energy drink or the c4 pre-workout.

How long does c4 itch last?

Normally, the itching stays from 1 to 3 hours. day by day your body should be habituated to this, and you will not itch at all, the users say.