You enjoy vaping but are afraid to tell your dentist. Don’t be concerned. Here is the best answer to your question about how to hide the fact you vape from dentist. I’m writing from personal experience.

Your dentist is not a magician. He needs to follow some hints or traces left on you as you vape. So, if you clean those vaping traces properly, the dentist won’t be able to tell whether you vape or not.

I went to see my dentist a few months ago, but I didn’t want to tell her I had recently started vaping nicotine. And I was successful in concealing the truth. Here, I’m going to share my experience with you on how to hide the fact that you vape from your dentist.

Steps to follow to hide the fact you vape from the dentist

vaping habits vary from person to person. There are numerous smoking and vaping options. However, whatever type of vape you prefer, you can keep it hidden from your dentist if you wish.

Your dentist won’t be happy if he find you to as a vaping person because vaping has some serous harmful effects on your oral health. So, if he know he will tell you to stop.

Here are the steps I took last time I met with my dentist to successfully conceal my vaping habit. Here are the secrets steps you must take.

  1. Don’t vape before going to the clinic.
  2. Wash your mouth, face, and hands thoroughly before the meeting.
  3.  When visiting the dentist, wear clean, fresh cloth.
  4. Don’t carry your vaping devices.
  5. Chew chewing gum when you are going to the dentist.
  6. If your dentist asks, deny it directly.
  7. Be confident, and always answer in his (dentist’s) eyes.
  8. Create a story of coffee.

Let’s discuss all the points carefully

STEP1 # Don’t vape before going to the clinic

Allow at least 6 hours between your last vape and your office visit with our dentist. This is the most effective method for concealing your vaping habits from your dentist. If your appointment is in the morning, your last vape could have been last night.

Six hours is enough time to remove the smell of vaping from your mouth and respiratory tract. vaping does not have a smell like a cigarette smoking but it has a different type of strong sweet sticky smell.

So keep this most powerful path in mind.

Vaping is becoming more popular day by day

STEP2 # Wash your mouth, face, and hands thoroughly before the meeting

Washing is another powerful way that you should follow before going to the clinic. The best way to clean your mouth is to rinse it around with plain saline water or diluted mouthwash.

Before going to the clinic, wash your hands with soap and your face with water.

Because a small traces of vaping particles from your last vape could be present in your mouth, face, or hand, and the smell of those particles is so strong that your dentist could easily detect your smocking behavior when he comes close to your mouth.

STEP3 # When visiting the dentist, wear a clean, fresh cloth

Please take care when dressing for your appointment with the dentist. The traces of your previous vaping experience may be present on your clothing fibers, and those particles are difficult to remove.

So, my advice is to dress fresh and clean for your appointment with your dentist.

STEP4 # Don’t carry your vaping devices

Never bring your vaping devices to your dentist appointment. Because the device may appear in front of him or the device’s odor may be detected by your dentist.

As a result, do not bring the vaping device or lighter to this meeting.

STEP 5 # Chew chewing gum when you are going to the dentist

Even if you follow all of the steps outlined above, your dentist may still detect your vaping habits. To eliminate that slim chance, begin chewing gum shortly before meeting him. The strong flavor of chewing gum would mask any remaining traces of your vaping.

STEP 6 # If your dentist asks, deny directly

Another critical step is denial. If your dentist inquires, simply deny. Don’t say much, just “no, I don’t vape at all.” The same thing I did last time I meet my dentist and I hide the fact that I vape from my dentist.

STEP 7 # Be confident, always answer on his (dentist’s) eyes

Be confident when your dentist asks you a question. Don’t be afraid to respond to any question. Try answering him directly while keeping an eye on his eyes. This will demonstrate your self-assurance.

The more assured you are, the less likely it is that your vaping history will be discovered.

STEP 8 # Create a story of coffee

Your teeth, gums, and lips may occasionally have black or brown spots from vaping. If he inquires, simply inform him that you are an avid coffee drinker who consumes 5-6 cups of coffee per day. He will be persuaded.

Coffee, like cigarettes, causes brown spots on your teeth. So, in front of your dentist, this coffee story would cover your vaping habits.

What are the signs that dentists observe to tell that you vape

 There are a few special signs that you unwittingly carry with you, and these are your dentist’s weapons. What are the signs that your dentist looks for to determine if you vape?

  • 1. When the dentist gets closer to you, he can smell nicotine.
  • 2. He usually notices some black or brown spots on your teeth, which are also a sign of vaping.
  • 3. If you have been vaped for a long time, your teeth may have a lot of tartar on them.

What Next

You understood from our conversation that your dentist can tell you vape in a variety of ways. On the other hand, there are ways to conceal your vaping habits.

You can successfully hide your vaping behavior in front of your dentist if you follow our previously mentioned eight secret steps. I believe that now you know the answer of your question how to hide the fact you vape from dentist. Best wishes.

Can a dentist tell if you vape?

Yes! dentist can tell if you vape. But, he is not a genius and there are multiple ways to hide it easily. Your dentist has the right to come closer to your mouth. At that time he smells your open mouth. There might be some stains on your teeth and gums if you are a vaping person. He knows some clues that actually you do not know. Unwillingly you keep those clues and your dentist tell you that you vape. It is not magic. I have mentioned 8 essential steps that you may follow if you want to hide the fact you vape from the dentist