A bad cough is quite painful and irritating. It gives too much trouble to your daily life. The cough would not let you sleep, breathe and talk properly. The entire day, you feel uncomfortable.

On the other side doctors usually recommend cough syrup which has multiple side effects to managing your cough. You do not want to have those cough syrup.

don’t worry. Here I am going to explain the world-famous orange steaming method to manage your cough. Follow the steps given below to get the answer to your question How to steam orange for a bad cough.

I am writing my own experience. Nobody will reveal these secrets.

how to steam orange for bad cough

Step by Step methods How to steam orange for bad cough

Required time 1 hour

Wash oranges properly

how to steam orange for bad cough step1

Bring two pieces of oranges. Then in a big size of kitchen bowl pour some water and mix a few spoonfuls of table salt. Then submerge those oranges inside the water and wait for 20 min. after every 5 minutes agitate those oranges with a spoon.

Cut the oranges with a knife

how to steam orange for bad cough step2

After 20 minutes of washing get those oranges out and keep them on the cutting board. Now Stand the orange up on the flat, cut any of the ends and divide it into two pieces one large and one tiny piece. Do the same for both oranges. After cutting the tiny piece will look like the lid of the larger piece. Follow the image carefully.

Pour salt into the oranges

how to steam orange for bad cough step3

Keep the small lid-like pieces separately for the use in next steps. hold the orange cut-side up and remove some pulp to make 4 wells on the cut surface of the bigger piece of the orange. Use the knife to perform this step. The depth of those wells should not be more than one inch. Do the same for both oranges.
Now get one teaspoon of table salt and distribute it into four holes.

Put the lid in its place

how to steam orange for bad cough step4

Keep the smaller piece of the orange on top of the larger piece and prick two toothpicks to place the small piece properly. Now the orange looks like an uncut intact orange. Do the same for both oranges.

Place orange into the steamer

how to steam orange for bad cough step5

Now place both oranges into a kitchen steamer. you can use any type of kitchen steamer (Ex: vegetable steamer). place the lid of the steamer close and start the steamer on. Run it for 20 minutes.

Eat the orange pulp

how to steam orange for bad cough step6

After 20 minutes of steaming, remove the lid and take those oranges out. Be careful when taking out those oranges, it could be too hot to hold. Keep it cool to room temperature. remove the smaller part of the orange. Now eat the entire pulp and juice present inside the larger part.

Advises for steaming orange for a bad cough

  • The orange stem is an excellent home remedy to get rid of a bad cough. Have 3-4 steamed oranges daily for at least three days, and the cough will vanish.
  • I tried it on my own a few months back, and the result was outstanding. Initially, I went to the doctor he prescribed me medicines. I just decided to postpone the medication for a few days and give the orange steam a try.
  • amount of salt you are going to put into the orange should be according to your taste.
  • If the cough is too much even if you can’t breathe well or you are having blood coming out with the cough, please talk to your doctor or physician.

Benefits of steamed orange for a bad cough

There are multiple benefits of orange steam and that is why I wrote the article on your question about how to steam orange for a bad cough. Let’s discuss the benefits

  • Medicines have side effects, but this home remedy does not have any side effects at all.
  • There is almost no extra expense for making this home remedy
  • You do not need to buy any extra materials or tools, everything is available in an ordinary American kitchen.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Handle the hot steamer and hot orange carefully. Better if you use heat-resistant gloves.
  • Let the orange come to room temperature then slowly eat the pulp and juice.
  • When you are cutting the orange using a knife, use Cut Resistant Gloves and stay careful.


It is just a home remedy, not a medical prescription. If there is a disease, always talk to your health professional or your doctor. We do not guarantee that you will get the similar result that we got during our test. If you wish to do it, do it at your own risk. We are not telling you to try this home remedy, If you wish to try it, here is the procedure.