Dental cavity is always a serious health issue for US citizens. But, this issue was resolved by the US government by adding fluoride to the drinking water to lower the rate of dental caries.

This is a well-established concept that fluoride can prevent tooth decay very well. And now in the USA, the community water is enriched with the proper amount of added fluoride minerals to lower the cases of dental cavities in the US population.

Before the 1930s there was a very high number of cases of dental caries in the USA. But, after finding the concept that fluoride minerals present naturally could prevent dental cavities the numbers decreased dramatically.

Today What mineral is added to drinking water to improve teeth?

So, today in the USA, fluoride mineral is added to drinking water to improve the citizens’ teeth. The first fluoridation program was started in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1945 as a way to test the theory behind it.

Following that, the US government made the decision to expand the fluoridation programme and establish it in additional US cities. The fluoridation of community water is the name of this procedure.

Since 1945, hundreds of cities have fluoridated communal water, and in 2016, 73% of the U.S. has fluoridated water.

Community water fluoridation was recognized by the CDC as one of the top ten public health accomplishments of the 20th century for its role in the substantial decrease in tooth decay over the previous 75 years.

What are the benefits of adding fluoride minerals in drinking water?

1. As fluoride prevents tooth decay so , fluoride mineral is added to water to lower the rate of dental caries in the USA.

2. Adding fluoride to water is a more economical option than including it in every tube of toothpaste or mouthwash.

3. Everyone drinks water that contains the right amount of fluoride, whether they are aware of it or not, to eliminate the possibility of someone being missed.

4. Everyone regularly consumes the allowed amount of fluoride, regardless of age.

How does this process of water fluoridation improve dental health?

Initially, a lab must ascertain how much fluoride is present in the water supply. The amount of fluoride mineral that needs to be added to the water is determined by first calculating the deficiency. The water from the city water supply is supplemented with that set amount. The final water is then tested once more to see if the fluoride level is accurate or not.

What mineral is added to most public municipal water supplies as a public health measure

Mostly fluoride is added to most public municipal water supplies as a public health measure. However, the city’s water supply is tested periodically. Calcium, magnesium, potassium, or any other mineral that is lacking will be added back into the water if necessary.

What minerals are added to mineral water

Minerals should not be added to water that is sold as mineral water during processing. 250 ppm of total dissolved solids must naturally exist in this water. This means that no companies can externally add minerals to mineral water; the minerals must already be there. Different mineral compositions can be found in mineral waters from different sources, but typically they contain magnesium, calcium, salt, and zinc, among other elements.