International diabetes foundation assumes that there will be about 700 million people who have diabetes by the year 2045

Diabetes retinopathy is a terrible consequence of a person living with diabetes, and the number of patients will be very high in the next few years

But, available data suggest that regular eye check-ups and a healthy lifestyle could manage this irreversible blindness.

Artificial intelligence in eye care has developed a new era in eye care and the management of diabetic retinopathy.

Due to AI-based technology, the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy has become easier and more cost-friendly.

This new technology helps us understand more prominently how much the eyes are at risk.

Each patient's personal data is created by artificial intelligence and machine learning, making diabetes management easy.

Ai, based new technology helps diabetic patients with self-management because many places do not have a proper doctor.

With this technology, the developmental stage of diabetic retinopathy and the stage at which the eye issue can be detected.

Ai-based eye disease diagnosis and self-management help control diabetes retinopathy in places where logistics prevent regular eye checks.