Your wisdom teeth are coming in. That is not so bad unless there is a huge pain, swelling and infection. They are the third molars, stay inside the gum and sometimes come out in between the age of 16 to 25.

During this wisdom teeth come in phase, you should avoid eating some foods which may cause pain swelling and infection.

This article provides some tips what not to eat when wisdom teeth are coming in.

What food to be avoided when wisdom teeth are coming in

There are multiple foods you should avoid at the time of wisdom teeth come out. your wisdom teeth can come out with pain and without pain.

Whether it has pain or no pain, avoid the foods that we are enlisting here.

Avoid sticky food to avoid infection

While your wisdom teeth are coming in, it’s best to avoid sticky foods which may cause infection.

Wisdom teeth are susceptible to infection because they are hard to clean and often get food stuck in them. Eating sticky foods can increase your risk of developing an infection in your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are notoriously difficult to clean, so any food that gets stuck in them is a breeding ground for bacteria. This means avoiding sticky candy, gum, and even some types of fruit are best to avoid.

Some examples of sticky foods to avoid include:

-Chewing gum

-Hard candy



-Gummy bears


-Popcorn kernels

Avoid hard food to keep the wisdom teeth undamaged

When your wisdom teeth are coming in, you may experience pain and swelling in your gums. To avoid further discomfort, it’s best to stay away from hard and tough foods that can aggravate your gums.

Foods to avoid include:

Hard candy: This can be difficult to chew and can cause pain if it hits your gums.

Tough meats: Steak or other tough meats can be difficult to chew and may cause pain if they hit your gums.

Raw vegetables: Raw vegetables can be difficult to chew and may cause pain if they hit your gums.

Nuts: Nuts can be difficult to chew and may cause pain if they hit your gums.

Tough meats

Hard bread

If you must eat these items, be sure to cut them into small pieces and chew slowly and carefully. Instead, opt for softer foods that won’t aggravate your wisdom teeth. Think mashed potatoes, soups, yogurt, and smoothies.

Avoid spicy food to get hurt

As your wisdom teeth come in, you may experience some pain and irritation. To help ease this discomfort, you should avoid eating spicy foods. Spices can cause further pain and irritation to your new teeth, so it’s best to avoid them until your teeth have settled in. In the meantime, stick to softer foods that won’t aggravate your wisdom teeth.

Other foods to avoid:

Also, avoid sugary foods like sweets and candy. These can create room for bacterial growth in the sensitive gum. If bacteria go inside the gum it may cause inflammation and swelling due to infection. You must avoid infection during wisdom teeth come in.

This time try to avoid soda and other carbonated drinks like energy drinks and pre-workout drinks. It is best if you can stick to natural whole-grain foods for a few days.

Can you get diarrhea from wisdom teeth coming in?

The answer of your question is NO. There is no such evidence found. Even a few pieces of evidence suggest that there is a negligible relationship between tooth and diarrhea. If there is any infection in any of your teeth and that germ goes to the stomach, that may cause diarrhea. But, there is no relationship found between wisdom teeth and diarrhea.

At what age do wisdom teeth come out?

In general, it comes out at the age of 16 to 25. But in many cases, it is found to appear at any age. So it is difficult to say exactly at what age it comes in.

Does it hurt when your wisdom teeth come out?

That depends upon the situation. healthy wisdom teeth should not give you pain at the time of coming in. But, in a few cases like if there is no room for wisdom teeth to grow and it is giving pressure to the nearest molar teeth time it may cause extreme pain and swelling. Other wise, infection is another reason which causes pain during wisdom teeth come out.