Without fail, a miracle will occur if you consistently perform outstanding service for others. Dolly Parton, the country music legend and humanitarian, experienced the same thing.

Jeff Bezos gave Dolly Parton $100 as the Courage & Civility Award. This award is given to a person for “pursue solutions with courage and civility,” Jeff said.

Bezos announced the award on Friday as the recommendation from his longtime friend and partner Lauren Sanchez.

In Parton’s Own Words: An Expression

When she was awarded Lauren said we cannotwait to see all the good that you are going to do with this $100 million”

Queen of Country Dolly Parton is well known for her Philanthropists nature. She is the woman who always listen to her heart. She said “I think people who are in the position to help should put their money where their heart is. I will do the best to do good things with their money.”  

What exactly is the patron’s impact on the country?

The nation’s favorite singer and songwriter is 76-year-old Dolly Patron. Her most well-known songs include “I will always love you,” “Jolene,” “9 to 5”, and others.

This well-known singer previously gave $1 million to the medical center at Vanderbilt University to support the Covid-19 vaccine research.

In order to address issues of poverty and promote education, Parton founded the Dollywood foundation.

Although she hasn’t revealed her plans for the money, Parton is known to support a number of causes throughout the years. The Los Angeles Times stated that she has contributed to reducing the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. For her work in protecting bald eagles, she was honored with a Partnership Award from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Together with PETA, she campaigned against those who kept their dogs outside on chains.

The Imagination Library, her most well-known initiative, has sent approximately 200 million books to children as gifts since 1995. Dollywood Foundation is the parent organization for this program.

According to its 990 form, the Dollywood Foundation allocated 22.2% of its total 2019 budget of $35,000,000 to purchasing books for the Imagination Library.

To further her efforts to alleviate poverty and improve early childhood education all around the world by providing free books to kids, Parton was awarded the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy in 2022.

She is not just committed to the education of children, but to all learners. Her Dollywood entertainment park’s parent corporation just made the announcement that the park will fully fund its employees’ higher education expenses.

Even with all of her success, Parton has never lost touch with her country music origins. You could say it’s no more than two doors down.

During the 2016 wildfires in her home county of Sevier, Tennessee, she promised to help families who had lost their homes. In addition, Parton disclosed last year that she had poured the proceeds from Whitney Houston’s 1992 recording of “I Will Always Love You” (originally recorded by Parton) for the film The Bodyguard towards the revitalization of Nashville’s Sevier Park, a historically Black neighborhood.

She also gave a million dollars to Vanderbilt University to study coronaviruses, which helped to support the development of a vaccine by the biotechnology company Moderna.

And then there’s the music (there she goes again).

According to her official website, Parton has been making records for roughly twice as long as she’s been recording songs. When the website’s list can be sorted like Excel, you know you’ve recorded a lot.

Her impact on music cannot be denied. Over 19 years ago, Dolly Parton was honored by the Library of Congress with the Living Legend medal.

One of the most rock and roll things a person can do is turn down an offer to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2022, which is exactly what she did. It was her inadequacy, she claimed, that prompted her to release a rock record. She had her rejection from the Hall of Fame overturned this month, so she could finally join.

Over the years, Parton’s popularity has only grown, as evidenced by the fact that she now has 5.5 million Twitter followers. YouGov revealed that Dolly Parton received the highest favourable evaluations of any music artist despite the fact that it pays individuals to take its polls.

She is well-liked because of her excellence, and she has been kind throughout her career, earning her a donation of $100 million.

The Award:

The first Bezos Award was given out in 2001. The winners were activist Van Jones, who was the founding CEO of the REFORM Alliance and Dream Corps, and chef and humanitarian Jose Andres, who started World Central Kitchen, which gives food to disaster victims right away.

Why does the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos giving $100 million to Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is a social worker. This amount is given to her as the Courage & Civility Award. This award is given to outstanding people to inspire them for doing more work for the mankind.